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Green Medical Society was created to deliver an experience to its most exclusive members by providing them with only the best products and services.

Welcome to Green Medical Society

A bit about us…

Green Medical Society has the finest grade of medical cannabis products in town. We also have welcoming and knowledgeable staff to help you decide the right medication suited for your medical needs. With the release of Washington State’s initiative #692, marijuana for medicinal purposes is now possible so we made sure that we also supply our patients with effective alternative medicines for their specific conditions. We believe that your welfare is a priority that’s why we only offer the BEST products and services. Become a member of Medical Society marijuana co-op and feel a customer experience you can never get elsewhere!



Hybrids are the best of both worlds. They are cross-bred strains created to retain certain elements of Sativa and Indica.

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Is efficient in the treatment of depression and anxiety, as it arouses brain activity and offers a dynamic high. The “uppity” medicine if you will.

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Is higher in CBD for those seeking a mental lift and a body high, with flavors ranging anywhere from savory to fruity. Indica is therapeutic for a wide range of ailments.

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